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Praxis Missional Community


Many people dream about changing the world, few actually do. As author Eugene Cho puts it "are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world? " 



Praxis missional communties are about less talking, more doing. We are a Christian group,  a "church" - but one that is proabably unlike others you may have seen.



We don't have a building, we don't have full time leaders, we don't even take an offering! What we are is a group of people in love with Jesus, coming together regularly to eat, pray, laugh, cry and serve our community passionately. In short - we are in love with the idea of actually changing the world through the message of Jesus.


Missional Communities are one of the fastest and best ways of church planting today. Essential to its "DNA" is that everyone is a participant in the Mission of God and the eradication of the Sacred/Secular distinction.  



Sound good to you? Watch the video to find out more or send us an email -HERE      

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