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Below is a list of questions that we would ask if we were you! If any of your questions are not covered please email us here 


What exactly do you do?


The function of what we do primarily is education, the forms are many and include:  undergraduate classroom teaching, online teaching, consulting, study abroad experiences, workshops, social justice initiatives and various seminars for corporate and non-profit groups. Given the diverse background and experience that we have, we believe that we can have a global impact while based in South Africa. We believe in partnerships in the truest sense and so we both contribute and receive in the partnerships that we have.   

You do different things...why?


Africa needs all the leaders she can get. We strongly believe that good leadership is key to developing a community, city and nation. Almost all the work we do is with the development and non-profit world - so, we work with various kinds of change agents that our trying to accomplish some pretty amazing things! We actually rely on some pretty cool partners who help us do what we do and you can go here to find out more about that. We often 'invest' in smaller projects that we can help in but can't really afford to pay us, so our partners help significantly with that. Email us to find out more if you are interested... 



What motivates you?


Lot's of things - but mostly we love people! We are also unashamedly passionate about our faith and believe that Jesus is the only one who can bring peace and lasting change to humanity. But is not enough to simply talk about this, people need to see REAL change! That is the vision behind the PRAXIS missional community arm of what we do. That is a real passion of ours, but regardless of any faith position you may or may not have, most people want to get better, be better - so we help facilitate that.   We also love Africa and the beauty and diversity that this continant offers. Being a diverse family ourselves, we can appreciate that perhaps more than some. We want to help make a positive change in Africa, one leader at a time and trust God to help us every step of the way   


Nice. What next? 


You tell us. 

If you want to see how you can get involved in what we do - go here

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