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UbD (understanding by design) is a course design framework that focuses on teaching to transfer, i.e. the ability to use knowledge in real-world settings.  It is a great framework for ministry training programs because it helps teachers develop and assess a student's ability to handle problems and challenges integrated with their ethical and faith positions in a seamless and practical manner. Please go check out our NEW website exclusively dedicated to the work of EbD at:  

The 3 UbD modules


Good design makes all the difference


When I was in University administration I took our faculty through this training and went through it myself. Later I became convinced that this method of developing courses and curriculum was a MASSIVE help in teaching more effectively and students learned more effectively too. UbD has been rolled out extensively in the USA and around the developing world. UbD is essentially a constructavist approach to education but one that absolutely espouses the need for content experts to help facilitate learning. Better teaching, better results! I am priviledged to work on a great team headed by Dr Dale Marshfield who has been in education internationally for over 30 years! Click on the icon if you are a teacher, administrator, director of a school/college or university and find out more! Our training was originally designed with Christian education in mind, but it can be adapted to any situation - good education is universal!    





 "I had a seminar this past weekend and I must say it went very well. I can't imagine how I would have maintained the people's attention and how it would have been meaningful if I used the traditional 'lecture'. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out to show us a better path. It's not easy. However, I am committed to developing good, interactive learning experiences".

- Keegan, PMB


"Some basic understandings from UbD have streamlined the way I prepare modules."

- Richard, Cape Town, South Africa


"I love to see the amazement on people's faces when these UbD concepts come alive to them for the first time. The training I received is being used to train others and it's very solid stuff". 

- Mike, Quebec, Canada


Previous clients include:


- ABWE, Harrisburg - USA

- Baptist Bible College of KZN - Durban, SA

- Cornerstone Institute - Cape Town, SA

- Fellowship Baptist College - Kabankalan,     Philippines

- Union Bible Institute, PMB, SA

...and many more!



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