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CQ=Cultural Intelligence


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a person's capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity. CQ is a critical capability that enhances employee, manager, and organizational effectiveness. It also enhances interpersonal interactions in a wide range of social contexts and to cope with multi-cultural situations. This is a much needed skill in the Academy, Marketplace and Church of today and I hope to be able to help these various sectors deal with their community in a more effective, loving and productive way!  




Endorsement from the CQ center president:


"Darryl brings a lifetime of experience and insights to his teaching and coaching in cultural intelligence. As one who has hosted a series of visitors in South Africa and now as one living internationally himself in the U.S., he understands the best practices that make cultural intelligence come to life. I highly commend him to you as someone who can help your organization experience the benefits of developing cultural intelligence" - Dr David Livermore

CQ provides a number of ways in which you can develop your skills depending on your needs. From individual testing and consultation to full day workshops - we provide the tools to assist you on the journey you are undertaking. Taking the assessment will give us a platform to work with you in developing your CQ skill to the next level! 

Proven research!

Upwards of 4.5 m people from the USA alone engage in short term missions every year. over $1 billion is spent on these trips. How much time is spent on strategic preparation and proper evaluation prior to these trips however? Very often it is minimal and anecdotal in nature. The needs of the people we are going to, best practice methods, cultural cues, sustainability, adaptability etc. are often topics that are left untouched. The assessments we use and why we use them has thousands of pages of documented, independantly verified and peer reviewed research that undergirds the process. 


A variety of workshops are available than can be tailor-made for your needs. From a 2hr "sales pitch" to an unconvinced audience to a full day workshop with individual and corperate assessments - we can help fulfil your purpose for introducing CQ to your group. Send me an email and we can get started on creating your experience - this can even be done over Skype/Facetime!   

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