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Cornerstone is based in Cape Town and provides us with a great opportunity to train leaders for the Academy, Church and Marketplace. They offer a variety of majors and have students from all over Africa. This means that we have a chance to literally impact the continant of Africa from Cape Town.  Cornerstone was also among the first private institutions to be accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Council for Higher Education (DoHET and CHE).


Cornerstone attempts to provide a variety of degree programs that will contribute to the pool of needed human resources in South Africa. For more information watch the video below

Teaching Testimonials:


"Darryl has the ability to explain the most complicated, involved aspect of any theory in a practical, easy to remember way. An amazing teacher and leader that I would recommend highly..."

- Hester, South Africa


"Darryl has taught me the importance of listening to understand people, adapting in new environments, and becoming culturally aware and appreciative of diversity. He has the rare ability to connect people together who hold differing beliefs, inside and outside the classroom, building bridges and providing opportunities for growth and unity."

- Jenelle, USA


"Darryl has always inspired me to push myself to learn more, study harder and become someone better. I have always appreciated Darryl's ability to apply knowledge from a book or a class to my life".

- Thabo, South Africa


"What do you think?" when asked for his opinion on any subject. Makes you remember to ask the question of yourself more often :)"

- Jerisha, Australia





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