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    About PRAXIS: 


"Praxis is not about any one individual. It is about a community and what can be accomplished when like-minded people leverage their capacity for a common goal. It is about creating a connection point for the Academy, Church and Marketplace to intersect seamlessly. The goal is to allow individuals and organizations to experience greater success in their work and find true meaning in life that comes from living according to the purpose God has designed us for". 


Darryl Meekins - Praxis Project Manager


Darryl has over 15 years experience globally working in the profit and non-profit sector. He has served as an administrator, lecturer, pastor, mentor and networker and enjoys seeing people and organizations benefit from developing their skills. He is also a family man, with a wife and 3 young children. In his spare time he is a licenced World Rugby referee and has reffed internationally. 






What difference can ONE leader make in Africa? More than you think! Watch this engaging TED talk by Fred Swaniker on this topic. Helping raise this generation of leaders is what PRAXIS is passionate about!    

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