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Praxis exists to provide educational development and training for the academy, church and the marketplace.


We do so in the following areas:


                - Community Development  

                  Church based outreach and sustainability initiatives. Leadership                             development etc.       


                - Faith-Based education, training and development

                  University level short courses and study abroad experiences for                             US Universities.  Faculty is accredited and experienced in the SA                           and  US systems



                - Cultural Intelligence Training

                  Join the more than 30 000 professionals from 60 countries who                               have been given the skills needed to thrive in today's complex                                multicultural world. Backed by leading industry specialists.


                - Educational excellence through Understanding by Design (UbD) 

                  Helping University Faculty, Church leaders and Mission Workers                             become more effective in their training programs and serving their                        students better. Our experts have worked on four continants and                            have vast experience and expertise


                - Various seminars and short- courses

                  Courses range from Critical Thinking, Theology, Mission,                                         Strategic planning etc. All University level and some can be used                           as part of accredited training programs  



Praxis is a word that essentially means 'practice' or 'practical'. In academics, sometimes great ideas are spawned from the comfort of a research desk that actually don't work in real life. I am committed to helping people and organizations take academically sound material and make it 'real-world' worthy


This is PRAXIS. Take a look around the site and please let us know how we can best serve you!     




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                                                                          Know. Think. Do. 

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